5k run and chest workout

This morning, I went to the gym to do four chest weight training exercises. Bench press,  Incline bench press with barbell, fly with dumbbells, and skull crushers. After that I ran 30 minutes at a 10 minute mile pace for 3 miles.


Saturday Update

Apologies for missing two days of posting, its not very good discipline to miss a day in a habit in my opinion.

Thursday I only did a tempo run, 10 minutes easy jog and then 10 minutes of fast running and did 1.5 miles on that fast run, then I finished with a 10 minute jog.

I have not done yoga since Wednesday and It felt wierd.

Today I woke up and did a good yoga session before heading out for work. I brought with me my running gear and will be doing a 4 mile fast run. I need to warm up before that so I may jog for half a mile then go all out. Also I may begin this at 5:30 in the afternoon instead of 5 because there is no one here to monitor me.

I am thinking about doing a marathon in September here in panama. I had planned to go to the NYC marathon but for that one I need to qualify. So I need to begin bettering my times.

Easy 3 mile jog

Today the hal higdon Advanced 5k training plan recommends rest or an easy run. I will be doing a 3 mile run without the garmin watch. I know the path because I did it yesterday on my 8 x 200 meter sprints. By the way my average time for each of those splits was 40 seconds.

I did not do yoga today, woke up very  tired. This is ok, because I plan on doing yoga everyday until my body tells me enough, you need to rest today. So, today is one of those days

Yoga Session then Sprints

Today, I woke up and got ready to go and give a small class of yoga to my girlfriend. I arrived at her apartment near 6 in the morning. She buzzed me in and when we both saw each other we knew we wanted to sleep more. The struggle to keep on an active exterior had its cost later on.

We did 5 sun salutations A with 3 sun salutation B in total. After that she called it a day and I proceeded to do the standing and some seated bends of the primary series. Spotify does have a good selection of playlists for yoga. After I was done, we parted ways and I did some chores before arriving to work.

Here at work, I will be doing a interval training run of 8 x 200 meter repeats. I will warm up doing 1 mile of slow 10 minute mile pace and then begin the sprints. The running workout will be done from 5-6 in the afternoon.

Monday mornings

Did ashtanga yoga for about 45 minutes then got my running gear and went out the door. I woke up at 5 in the morning, actually about 5-10 before the alarm clock rung. I thought I had more time to sleep but after getting up and going to the bathroom my body got a bit restless.

I ran 3 miles today, they were easy. I was listening to music the whole time and today someone passed me on the run. I passed many slow runners/joggers but one person just wanted to keep a faster pace than me. I did not take the garmin watch so I have no idea how fast or slow I was. But, I do know exactly was 3 miles are from my house to the park and back.

So that was my morning, I am still thinking about whether I do some workouts with my collegues here at work or do I call it a Day.

Forgot to post yesterday

Evening All,

I forgot to post what I did the day before this one. I only went for a jog and did another yoga session. I was supposed to run a fast 4 mile, but wasn’t feeling it. So, I only jogged 3 miles.

Today I woke up did some yoga, spent the day with my girlfriend and now just got back from a 6 mile run. It was awesome.

I am starting to love long runs now, or maybe I am in a very good mood today, who knows?

I will be doing ashtanga yoga before starting the day. I want that discipline. I want to do it before I got for a run and before I go to work. That way when the day is over and I have to go to sleep, my body will be begging me to go to bed. I want to stop using melatonin to sleep.

Yoga and Legs workout

Today was a rest day in the 5k training plan. I did some barbell lunges and squats as well as some calf raises.

I did a good session of yoga and “got to grab my feet” it was awesome. I think the small achievements are those things that should always be celebrated. Ashtanga yoga is the type of yoga I practice. But when I began the primary series I became a mess. I know I should go back to take classes, but I will be diligent in practicing to the point that I cannot stretch anymore. Meaning when I cant proceed further in the sequence.